Gourmet Publishing

The working space must be everything but dull and ordinary place. That’s why when we branded the Gourmet Publishing’s office we worked with color and imagination. They publish culinary and wine literature, so for their branding we made different panels with basic information for wine degustation. We made also culinary posters, showing the beauty and […]

DiVino Magazine

DiVino is not just a wine magazine. In time the edition became an institution with an authority and gained recognition from all the wine connoisseurs. That’s why when creating the logo, we put in much work and inspiration. We put in our souls. The logo is balanced and distinctive and this was our main goal. We […]


Welcome to Italy! Monte Specialità Gastronomiche is a new place in Sofia, Bulgaria. Monte stands for delicious coffee and tasty food. We created the logo and the brand’s vision that support the business strategy and resonates with customers.

Wine for us

For Us is a series of fruit extract wines from the Danube Valley. From the branding to the creative packaging and label design, we wanted to create a concept that is as fresh and inviting as the fresh taste of the wines themselves. The result is a finished product suitable for everyone – for her, for […]