One of our clients needed a logo for a restaurant, made in an industrial and modern style. The message had to be clean with a secure and cosy feeling. That’s why we choose the metal texture of the logo and the exact color scale. We succeeded in reaching a feeling of stability. The project’s mood […]

Pure Vanilla

As a startup brand, The Food Project needed a brand identity and packaging design for its products. We, from #1 Advertising and Digital Agency,  took care of the overall appearance of the brand and the commercial appearance of the products.

Pure Pâtisserie

Pure are the culinary masters, offering great quality in a nice environment. They are positioned in the business sector, so everything they do is on a high professional level. When we started creating their sweet side – Pure Pâtisserie, we knew that everything must be excellent. Number One Advertising and Publishing Agency created the whole […]


Welcome to Italy! Monte Specialità Gastronomiche is a new place in Sofia, Bulgaria. Monte stands for delicious coffee and tasty food. We created the logo and the brand’s vision that support the business strategy and resonates with customers.

Wine for us

For Us is a series of fruit extract wines from the Danube Valley. From the branding to the creative packaging and label design, we wanted to create a concept that is as fresh and inviting as the fresh taste of the wines themselves. The result is a finished product suitable for everyone – for her, for […]