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A new beginning? Or the most natural continuation of our ideas and efforts? It’s a matter of viewpoint. For us, the people who have been building the history, the reputation and the proven perfectionism of #1 Advertising Agency for 25 years, this issue has been resolved long ago. We know that business is a collective game. In order to win it, you have to build the perfect team.

This is our answer Yes, for the first time we legitimate ourselves as an HR agency. But the truth is, we have been doing exactly that for 25 years. Proofs? It’s easy!

We won’t talk about the projects implemented by #1 Advertising. Over the years, they have become a benchmark of creative thinking. Because copywriters, designers, cameramen and producers, prepress and accounts, all profess one and the same philosophy, all pursue one and the same dream. Yes, everything becomes easier when you have the perfect team!

That’s the reason our partners for personnel selection and outsourcing to became giants such as HP, Microsoft, Sanbolic…

After all this, the most natural step is to state – rely on #1 HUMAN RESOURCES.

We have proven our correct judgment in selecting, attracting and preparing the perfect people for your team.

Let's work together

Let's work together

HR Services

Personal Search

How to find the right person for the right position?
How do you find an employee that matches your company?
The team of #1 HR have the know-how, right methods and experience in the search of the right person for your open position.

Personal Selection

Sometimes it’s hard to choose the right candidate between all the applicants. Let us help and guide the process of personal selection and choosing the person who will be the most successful and valuable for your company.

Redundancy and restructuring

In the dynamic world, the company should be flexible and adaptive.
If you want to be competitive and to speed your business, you need to make the right staff changes. We will help you to take the right decision and go through the restructuring process smoothly.