Advertising campaigns and strategies


A bright idea is converted into a marketing tool, when it is rightly targeted and planned. The strategic approach in communication is the clearly defined message integrated in various advertising media.

In a campaign we can successfully combine the full range of our advertising services together as we have the full capacity to do so. We have completely closed workflow because we strongly believe we should not depend on anyone else in order to be #1. Everything we do for our clients goes through a complete process of market research, creative brainstorming and strategic marketing planning. 



Graphic Design


The impact of the visual language of Graphic Design can be as powerful as the product innovation. Its expressiveness is one of the strongest tools in the art of creating a successful branding.

We offer building corporate identity, producing promotional and branding materials, thorough graphic concept of advertising materials. Our designers are professionals with rich experience, who always look for non-standard and effective messages. Their ideas find expressions in a modern and stylish vision.



Print and prepress


In this process we pay close attention to every step, every detail – from the overall idea, through particular color shades and graphic elements, to prepress. Our constant goal is the perfect product.

We have established a tradition of high quality print with individual approach to each client. The polygraphic skills can meet all of the unconventional customer requirements. The high-tech machines we work with contribute to this process. 


We offer

Digital printing – best solution for small print runs

Offset printing – for medium and large print runs

Full range of finishing operations



Video & Audio production


The vision combined with motion and sound could be the most effective expression of every idea. Creating an audio / video product is an exciting creative process namely because such a product engages the most sensitive human receptions.

Our digital studio allows vast possibilities of rapid and seamless production: TV ads, radio spots or corporate videos – it’s up to the client.


Events management


Most of all events create emotional bond among people in non-working environment and refresh the internal company communication. The successful events management combines a good idea, excellent preparation and effective guidance. Only such an event can be unique and memorable.

Product campaigns, corporate meetings, seminars and conferences – we always strive to surprise by unconventional and fascinating approach and take care of all the details invisible to the guests but integral part of professionally conceived events. 


Team building


If you want the people in your team to get along better and build up friendships, the pleasant team building emotions are a must. This is not just a good time spent in nature, team games and extreme experiences. The team building is a purposefully designed program conducted in an informal environment. It creates preconditions for building up a strong emotional bond between the participants. Our creative team is experienced in working out attractive, interesting and motivating games, which are unforgettable.



Web design


We can turn your website into a marketing tool, in which esthetics, culture and technology meet to build the best image of your business.

We approach each project individually, creating unique design based on in-depth preliminary analysis and planning.  Every time we try to come up with original marketing solutions.